Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Places with no cycle parking in Waltham Forest - # 432, The William Morris Gallery

This building is the William Morris Gallery, where the poet and craftsman lived as a child. It has an international reputation and has a wide range of exhibits from his life and artistic career. It is well worth a visit. But please don't try arriving by bicycle. No one involved in promoting cycling in this borough has ever thought to install even one cycle stand here, and staff who work at the Gallery are encouraged to arrive by car. But then free staff car parking has a vital role to play in maintaining car dependency, has it not?

The Gallery is situated in Lloyd Park, where London's Greenest and most progressive cycling local authority holds its annual Green Fair, at which visitors are given leaflets urging them to do more walking and cycling. It is opened by the Mayor. No prizes for guessing how the Mayor gets to the Green Fair!