Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Let this bollard be a lesson to you

I am sorry to say that this local bollard wilfully ignored the advice of top road safety professionals and foolishly stood in the middle of an off-road cycle lane, where it was hit by a driver who simply didn't know it was there. So, please, I beg of you - don't dress in black like this bollard.

If you must use an off-road cycle lane, please wear high visibility clothing, a helmet, and, whenever possible, Christmas tree lights. Because let's face it, when a driver is sending a text message and travelling at speed, the last thing they expect to meet is a cyclist. Or even a house. That is why all houses should be extensively decorated on the outside by Christmas lights at this very dark time of year.

Herts Police, Hertfordshire County Council Road Safety Unit and the Highways Agency have teamed up to ensure cyclists are dressed in the right clothing

Chief Inspector Donna Pierce said

"A few simple measures, like wearing a correctly fitted helmet and fluorescent and reflective clothing, could save your life.

County Councillor Stuart Pile said: "It's great that more and more people are cycling rather than driving.

“At this time of year it is vital that all cyclists make themselves as visible as possible

(Bollard in off-road cycle lane between Argall Avenue and South Access Road E17)