Sunday, 25 November 2007

That tunnel

So after years of delay the new tunnel under Selborne Road, leading from Walthamstow Central to the bus station, is open. And as you might expect, it's crap. Unbelievably there is no escalator - just zillions of steps, over three flights. Ah, but there is a lift. Needless to say its opening has been delayed but when it does start working the lift will take 5-6 people. Pathetic. The contempt which Transport for London has for public transport users is astonishing.

Meanwhile the cycle stands by the drop-off layby remain fenced off, for no very obvious reason. And the 10-years-overdue footpath between Walthamstow Central and Queens Road station remains unbuilt.

And Walthamstow Central station itself is crap. No single queueing system on the Selborne Road side, permanently understaffed, and the ticket office closing down early every night in order to save on staff wages and maximize profits for the shareholders.