Wednesday 17 October 2007

A greener Waltham Forest!

Solanum Jasminoides is a lovely plant - but not on a narrow pavement where the Council allows pavement parking. It's unlawful to block the footway with overgrown vegetation but LBWF couldn't care less.

Actually our caring Council provides 'passing places' for pedestrians on narrow pavements where it allows pavement parking. Needless to say these 'passing places' (for footway users with a mobility handicap) are often either obstructed or, with boundless cynicism, located at places where there is obstructive street furniture.

Just another example of the way in which this crap Council, having turned pavements over to car parking, abandons pedestrians to their fate. These pics were taken on Ravenswood Road E17, if you want to go along and take a cutting.