Friday, 5 October 2007

Just AAsk!

Selborne Road E17, by the entrance to the underground car park, 10 a.m. today.

I’ve noticed that the driver of an AA van regularly parks here, partly obstructing the bus lane and partly on the pavement. The driver is clearly not doing so to attend to a breakdown and even if there was a broken down vehicle there would be no excuse, as there is plenty of off-road park parking just metres away at the approach to the Town Square. I’m not sure why the driver does this as the vehicle was unattended when I took this photo. Popping into the shops? Delivering something to the car wash opposite?

I suppose this inconsiderate parking shouldn’t be a surprise as the A.A. has always been committed to promoting bad driving and was originally formed to help motorists avoid police speed traps.

Why isn’t the nearby CCTV focusing on this illegally parked vehicle? Any other motorist who did this would get a ticket.

Why is the A.A. not instructing its drivers to obey motoring law?

Why is the London Borough of Waltham Forest apparently unaware of this recurring example of lawless parking?

Just AAsk!