Friday 9 November 2007

Another obstructed pavement

LBWF has a tame 'Transport and Pollution Focus Group' which boasts 'the Group's Action Plan' which aims among other things 'To encourage and facilitate walking; to improve facilities and provide safe environments for pedestrians.'

It's crap of course because its action plan is completely contradictory to what is actually happening in the Borough. Take Melford Road and Woodville Road E17, for example. These two parallel streets started to have problems when wide vehicles were parked opposite each other. The refuse lorry couldn't squeeze between the vehicles. So the local ward councillors came up with a brilliant solution - pavement parking! In other words, don't deal with the problem of drivers who obstruct the carriageway by stupidly parking one wide vehicle opposite another one. Instead, dump the vehicles on the pavement. One furious resident who lives here has been banging off letters to the local paper saying she wouldn never have bought her house if she had known that the pavements were being converted to car parks.

Typically, no one seems at all bothered by the blatant daily obstruction of the footway which already exists at this location. See below. Who could possibly deny that the London Borough of Waltham Forest is getting greener?