Saturday, 29 December 2007

A green Christmas

I'm dreaming of a green Christmas! chuckles Councillor Bob Belam in the Christmas issue of the Council's lavishly funded fortnightly propaganda sheet wfm. I want us all to do our bit for the environment, he implores.

Well, Bob, you don't have to dream. Just get out on a bike or do some walking in the London Borough of Waltham Forest and you won't have a problem encountering all kinds of neglect, including green vegetation obstructing pavements and cycle lanes. You know this blog exists and you could try scrolling back to look at all the examples of such obstruction, about which nothing whatsoever has been done. I think it's a bit much of the Cabinet member for Environment to lecture residents when he himself sets such a dismal example.

Today's green pics show the current state of the cycle lane on Orient Way and the Black Path cycle lane and walkway. Ironically, the first one (with razor sharp briars protruding across one lane and into the second) shows the scene portrayed in the Council's cycle leaflet. See if you can spot the difference.