Friday 7 December 2007

A hazard for cyclists and pedestrians

This utility plate should be flush with the road surface. Instead it protrudes several inches. An unwary pedestrian could easily trip over it (especially at night) and fall flat on their face. An unwary cyclist who cycles into it can expect at worst to be brought off their bike, at best a sudden juddering, shuddering shock rippling through their bike frame and body. Any pedestrian or cyclist who does suffer physical injury or damage to clothing or personal property, would, I believe, be entitled to compensation on the grounds of negligence. The negligence being half that of the utility company which failed to ensure this cover was correctly installed in the carriageway, the other half being that of the London Borough of Waltham Forest, which has a legal duty to maintain the highway in a safe condition.

Cleveland Park Avenue E17, close to the junction with Hatherley Road.