Thursday 6 December 2007

Squalor on St Stephen's Road

St Stephen's Road is a cul-de-sac off Grove Road E17, by the junction with Copeland Road. The footway provides a useful short cut through to Wingfield Park and Wingfield Road. The road leads to some garages. And St Stephen's Road is in a squalid state.

On Monday morning I took the photographs above and below.

Today, Thursday, this overflowing bin ("Improving Your Community") had still not been emptied. This was the scene today (below). By the way, note the flooding by the dropped kerb on the corner, which, because of the poorly surfaced carriageway and inadequate drainage, renders it regularly unusable in wet weather.

A bit further along the footway is totally obstructed by a flytipped fridge, which has been there for a long time (see below). And beyond the fridge the footway is further obstructed by overgrown vegetation from the adjacent property.

Lastly (below) there is this squalid heap of rubbish which has been here for months. 'Why not leave the car at home and walk?' is the regular message from the Council's wfm propaganda rag. It's a pious and empty aspiration from a Council which so spectacularly neglects the walking environment and which can't even be bothered to empty its litter bins on a regular basis.