Monday 28 April 2008

Obstruction, obstruction, obstruction

Truro Road E17. This time the cycle stand has been obstructed by a market trader's cart, part of which has been jammed behind the stand. A cyclist has managed to park here, but has been forced to lock their bike by the front wheel - not a satisfactory option as a professional bike thief can just undo the wheelnuts and make off with the rest of the bike. The yellow grit bin is courtesy of the Council, which doesn't fill these bins with grit and never uses them when it snows. Yesterday. (The cycle stand opposite was also obstructed, by the same greengrocer who regularly obstructs it, evidently with the full approval of the Council which hasn't lifted a finger to stop it.)

The Orient Way cycle lane (below). This disfunctional sign for passing motorists has been here for weeks. It used to have a companion, but someone has chucked it into the bushes.

More rubbish facilities for cyclists. Vernon Road, Saturday. If you enlarge the photo and scrutinise the trash, it's very obvious which nearby commercial premises is responsible for it.

As you can see, since I last blogged about this at 674 High Road Leyton, where the footway is obstructed by a metal cabinet which is kept chained to a cycle stand, the Council has done... nothing whatsover. Yesterday.

Remember the Council's anti-street clutter campaign? That was another of those worthless cosmetic initiatives worth a photo opportunity in WFM, then quickly abandoned once the Greenwash had been applied. You could hardly hope for a more cluttered or stupid place to site a cycle stand than this, at the junction of High Road Leyton and Hainault Road.

And spot the nail (below):

The Council has done absolutely nothing about this obstruction, either (below). 450 High Road Leyton, and previous blogged about. No change.

Martin Esom, Executive Director of Environment and Regeneration, is so useless he can't even get his work force not to continually dump street sweepings sacks in inappropriate locations. Like this one:

(Above) 297 High Road Leyton. Lots of empty space on a very wide pavement, but Esom's agents can never resist dumping sacks by a cycle stand.

By the way, cyclists unable to use the Vernon Road cycle stand on Saturday because of its obstruction, had this user-friendly alternative opposite: