Wednesday 16 July 2008

And another crash...

A motorist, presumably driving at a reckless, lawless speed and perhaps not paying attention, has 'lost control' and collided with the traffic island on Forest Road - yes! Forest Road yet again - by the junction with Ruby Road E17. The vehicle demolished both the yellow KEEP LEFT sign - look carefully and you'll just see the stump of the foundation - and the lighting column (which had a blue KEEP LEFT sign attached to it, at height). Had a pedestrian been waiting on the pedestrian refuge they might well have been killed. This is yet more evidence of the problem of reckless, high speed driving on Forest Road.

This crash site, opposite the William Morris Gallery, is situated on the Council’s new suicidal cycle lane and is a short distance from where Michael McLean was knocked down and killed by a speeding driver last year.

You can see the lighting column which was hit (with a blue KEEP LEFT sign attached) in the photograph below.