Friday 18 July 2008

Welcome to Walthamstow!

(Above) The moment you step off the bus at Walthamstow Central that much celebrated 'quality environment' is immediately evident.

(Below) Walthamstow makes a great movie location - if you're making a film about the end of the world or a society of cyberpunk squalor. Why bother going to the expense of constructing a landscape of ruin and waste when you can simply visit Buxton Road?

And just a few yards away, obstructing a cycle stand... If you ask me it's not Daleks we should be worried about. It's London Borough of Waltham Forest trade refuse containers which are taking over the world.

The Council claims it is Positive about disabled people. That's 'positive' as in 'positively indifferent'. No access for wheelchair users on Brandon Road (below)

More problems for wheelchair users, on Carisbrooke Road.