Tuesday 25 September 2007

The 'Car Free Day' cycling brochure (2)

Ah, yes, cutting edge Orient Way. The photograph below is a bit symbolic of something, wouldn't you say? I think the word we're looking for here is neglect.

Though to be fair, pedestrians get equal treatment with cyclists:

The design here (below) is particularly impressive. The walkway is not simply obscured by ivy but an advertising board has been placed across it, put there with the permission of the Council. As pedestrians step round past the board they run the risk of meeting a cyclist head on. Brilliant.

And what woman cyclist on her own wouldn't want to descend into this jungle of darkness? Who needs to watch horror movies when you can experience acute nervous anxiety on Orient Way, wondering what lurks round the corner in this lonely location out of sight of anyone?

Finally, if you survive Orient Way, you can emerge on to Ruckholt Road (below), hoping that none of the speeding drivers coming up behind you will crash into you as you leave the off-road cycle lane and enter a totally unprotected cycle lane in the road.

Happy cycling!