Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Cycle stands with bicycles are dangerous! And obstructive! And horrible!

Boris Johnson has also got underway a new cycle hire scheme for Londoners. His flagship station was planned to be close to St Paul’s Cathedral, but the Corporation of London is set to refuse planning permission for the site as they feel the 25 metre station could cause injury for tourists and workers in the area. They have asked him to scale back the size so as not to cause an obstruction.

Obstruction, eh? It’s the Corporation of London which owns the land by the Waterworks roundabout in Walthamstow, where every year unpruned trees and hedges grow across the off-road cycle lane, obstructing it, to the total indifference of the crap Corporation of London.

And now

A High Court challenge to one of Boris Johnson's proposed cycle hire stations could throw the Mayor's flagship scheme into chaos. The dispute relates to a 30-metre station planned for South Audley Street in Mayfair, a conservation area containing several listed buildings including Harry's Bar - a private club which would have its entrance obstructed.

Noel Carroll, 63, who lives in nearby South Street and is a member of Harry's Bar, said: "Our beautiful conservation area must not be defaced by this horrible lump of metal."

Funny how no one seems to mind roads full of cars. But of course cars are beautiful objects, not horrible lumps of metal.