Monday, 9 November 2009

Groundhog Day

Every day it's the same. The casual obstruction of cycle lanes. Broken glass. Drivers in the Advanced Stop Line. And that's before I get on to drivers like WI07 SAU, space wagon, who overtook me on Selborne Road E17 yesterday and then promptly cut across me and turned left to go into The Mall car park.

The two signs above, on the A503, between Palmerston Road and Blackhorse Road junctions, have been left behind after the roadworks finished. The usual culture of indifference to the safety and convenience of cyclists. And no politician or agency seems even to recognise that there's a problem here. Especially if you hope to get significant numbers of Londoners cycling. Because some people might perceive cycling in conditions like this as dangerous.

(below) Are cycle lanes in Copenhagen regularly covered in broken glass? Just wondered. The A503 after the junction with the B160, going west. Note the fabulous width of the cycle lane - about a metre, I'd say - which is on a very wide section of major road. But we don't want to waste valuable road space on cyclists, do we?

(Below) Pedestrians also have to put up with regular obstruction by signs placed across the footway for the benefit of drivers. Even though in this instance there are no roadworks at all in the vicinity. Another sign which just got left behind. (Hoe Street, across the road from the junction with Grove Road.)