Friday, 5 March 2010

Blaming the victim

CYCLING champion Jason MacIntyre's dark clothing may have played a factor in the crash which killed him, a fatal accident inquiry has heard.

George Swan, 56, drove in front of the Olympic hopeful on the A82 and said he was travelling at the "remarkable speed" of 30mph just prior to the accident.

[Why shouldn’t a cyclist go at 30 mph on an A road?]

Mr Swan added that the cyclist was not wearing "good clothing" for January.

And who is Mr Swan to insist that a cyclist needs to dress up in special clothing simply to pedal along a road in the daytime?

And police constable George MacAskill, who helped in the road accident investigation, claimed the cyclist's clothing may have been a factor in the accident.

[That’s the slovenly 'road accident investigation' which didn’t even bother to investigate whether or not the killer driver was using a mobile phone at the time of the crash.]