Thursday, 4 March 2010

It's the eco-friendly Ferrari!

Lord Borwick:

We could ensure the triumph of electric vehicles in Britain very simply, just by letting them use bus lanes.

What a marvellous idea! Buses, cyclists, and motorbikes already make a splendid mix, so why not add Ferraris to the fun?

Supercar maker Ferrari has ditched its famous red livery and gone 'green'. The legendary Italian car-maker and F1 racing stable has unleashed a 200mph eco-friendly electric hybrid vehicle that aims to cut pollution and fuel consumption - while still giving breathtaking acceleration and performance.

Its development has been driven by pragmatism and the European Union's tough new targets on cutting emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the so-called 'greenhouse gas' blamed for global warming.

That way it will not fall foul of the EU anti-pollution and anti-gas-guzzler rules, which could otherwise see its supercars driven off the road.

Or even better, why not allow everyone to use bus lanes?

CONTROVERSIAL bus lanes that cost £15 million to introduce just two years ago could be opened up to cars as one of a number of measures to improve transport across Doncaster.

Mayor Peter Davies has efffectively asked council chiefs to tear up existing plans that currently promote public transport to come up with a new blueprint that supports all forms of travel to boost the local economy and business.

They are now working on a report that will also assess other ideas including
creating more on-street car parking

Sadly, there are still a few Luddites and fundamentalists who want to stand in the way of progress:

FOR the Mayor, Peter Davies to advocate the use of bus lanes for cars, 'to improve transport across Doncaster' defies all logic, and is a recipe for increased traffic congestion and delays.