Sunday, 7 March 2010

Inside the wacky world of Bob Belam

It's a 4X4 world in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. A Jeep Grand Cherokee parked across the pavement on Palmerston Road E17 two days ago.

Why bother to go and see the new Alice in Wonderland when instead you can wander Waltham Forest and enter the strange surreal world of Bob Belam?

Speaking of a new bus route:

Bob Belam, Waltham Forest's Environment Portfolio holder, said: 'Getting people to switch from their car to buses is essential if we are to reduce emissions

And here’s a touching photo of Bob holding up one of the Council’s “drive less!” bags.

(Below) Leyton Green Clinic. There's no cycle parking, of course. But there is a cycle lane. And thanks to Bob you can park your Mercedes 4X4 there for as long as you want to. And look, that's a BMW 4X4 overtaking the parked Mercedes! It's on this road that Bob's disinclination to upset car drivers by putting in 'no parking at any time' restrictions along the cycle lane exposes his enthusiasm for buses and determination to reduce emissions as blatant double-talk.

(Below) It was Bob Belam and no one else who allowed car parking on the pavement here on Browns Road E17. Bob has no problem balancing his environmentalism with the need to cater for the parking requirements of the 4X4 owner. Can't get past with your double-buggy? Just blame Bob.

And on the other side of Browns Road? Yes, it's a 4X4 world, created at the pedestrian's expense.

On the other side of the road we also find this. A parking bay marked out on the pavement, leaving space for pedestrians which falls well below the absolute minimum standards for those who are mobility impaired. But, hey, when it's a choice between the needs of the wheelchair user or someone looking for a space to park, Bob's quite clear on who comes first.