Tuesday, 2 March 2010

It’s the environmentally friendly Liberal Democrats!

Bob Belam, Lib Dem cabinet member for the environment in the London Borough of Waltham Forest:

“A Climate Change Impact Assessment will make transparent the Council’s commitment to addressing residents environmental concerns, ensuring that the consideration of climate change issues are at the front and centre of everything the Council does.

“Liberal Democrats want to take a lead on this issue

Above is a lovely photo of Bob and fellow Lib Dems holding up some of the Council’s environmentally-friendly cloth bags with DRIVE LESS! printed on the side, given away at last year’s Green Fair.

And with elections looming, what issue are the 'drive less!' Lib Dems focused on? Here's their latest newsletter:

Yes, local Liberal Democrats are 100 per cent committed to climate catastrophe, air pollution, car dependency, subsidies for car owners, and complete indifference to cyclists and pedestrians. And who is to say they are not in tune with the public mood?

The public are becoming increasingly sceptical about the threat of climate change, it emerged last night.

Months of questions over flaws in climate change science and a lack of government action have led to a sharp decline in the number of British adults who believe it is a problem.

The proportion of people, questioned in a survey by Ipsos Mori, who believe climate change is 'definitely' a reality has dropped from 44 per cent to 31 per cent in the last year.

And before we leave Green issues, Bob Belam is responsible for the 'switch it off' Council's spectacular failure to adjust the timing on the scores of lamp posts which can be seen blazing away all day long across the borough. This one's on Beulah Path E17, Bob!