Saturday, 6 March 2010

Two drivers on handheld mobile phones

Yesterday I paused for a couple of minutes to take some snaps of a site on Church Hill E17 which the Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign regards as “part of an excellent scheme for cyclists”. I shall be blogging about this ludicrous claim next week.

In that short time two drivers came speeding by, steering with one hand while chatting into handheld mobile phones which were clamped to their ears. I snapped them both but they’re blurred. The first is an Asian man in a red van (steering with his right hand, holding his phone with his left), the second is a twenty-something white male (steering with his left hand, holding his phone with his right).

Even if it was true that this was a fabulous facility for cyclists – and I shall show next week that it isn’t – any merits it had would be cancelled out by the sheer lawlessness and risk-taking of the yob drivers which cyclists have to share road space with.