Tuesday 6 May 2008

Hazardous walking in Highams Park

As you turn off The Avenue E4 into this public footpath (a short cut to Handsworth Avenue) you encounter a flytipped flat screen TV. Beyond that is this roll of barbed wire, at eye height. This lethal hazard has evidently been put here by whoever lives in the adjacent property. It's the perfect symbol of this Council's indifference to the state of its public footpaths and the safety of pedestrians.

Continue as far as the fly-tipped fridge, then go round the bend (in every sense). Here the public footpath is lined with parked cars totally obstructing it. I always thought Lib Dems prided themselves on 'pavement politics' but that tradition seems to be dead and buried as far as Councillor Bob Belam is concerned. He, after all, as Lib Dem Cabinet member with responsibility for the environment is the man who is signally failing to deal with the innumerable problems for cyclists and walkers which this blog identifies.

Total obstruction of the footway:

And still nothing done about this (on the Handsworth Avenue side of the path).