Friday 28 March 2008

Decapitation alert!

This blog nearly came to an abrupt end today. I just missed being garrotted on Hatherley Road E17. Some workmen on the roof of a house on Erskine Road (to the right of the photo below) have slackened the BT line, leaving it dangling across the road at throat-height for a cyclist. I dodged it just in time, then looked back and took this snap. You'll have to look carefully to see the phone line, or maybe enlarge the photo.

I rang the number in the BT telephone directory for "Reporting damage to telephone poles or wires". I got an automated message saying: "Please enter the full telephone number you want help with."

Well, I expect the men on the roof will tighten it up later and put it back to the right height. That's if a lorry doesn't catch it first and snap it in two.

Builders: not very bright, are they?