Thursday 27 March 2008

Just fancy that!

From the website of the Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign:

Speed Cushions
The council has said it will not use speed cushions in future traffic calming schemes. We have long campaigned against their use and are pleased that sustained pressure from us has resulted in this change of policy.

Just released by the Council:

Public Consultation 20 mph zone Church Hill Area
Speed cushions reduce vehicle speeds. Speed cushions are different from ‘road humps’ as they do not extend across the entire road width and for this reason are preferred by the emergency services, cyclists and bus operators.

This scheme proposes to install ten speed cushions between Hoe Street and Shernhall Street on Church Hill and Prospect Hill.

(LBWF consultation document March 2008)

Note. Church Hill and Prospect Hill are marked as a recommended cycling route on TfL's London Cycling Guide 4. They form part of the London Cycle Network 'quiet route' to Redbridge.

And now for something completely different:

This is the London Cycle Network sign on Folkestone Road, telling cyclists to turn right on to Woodbury Road. Too bad that whoever designed the proposed Church Hill Area scheme forgot to take into account that this is a designated cycling route, as the proposal is to make this turn into Woodbury Road NO ENTRY. Oops!

And just for the record, 'Folkestone Road' is not spelt correctly in the consultation document. Oops!