Thursday 5 June 2008

New cycle lane opens!

The old off-road cycle lane running between Spruce Hills Road and Farnan Avenue E17 never worked, because it ran alongside the fence and entrance to Waltham Forest College, which meant the lane was always packed with students on foot. The new re-designed lane relocates it to the edge of the carriageway and incorporates many of the simple but classic design features which make British cycle lane design the envy of Europe.

Cleverly sited lighting columns (above and below) ensure that cyclists are in no danger of missing the end markings at night and provide tangible reminders of the need to remain alert.

Litter bins (below) are helpfully provided at regular intervals for the benefit of cyclists wishing to dispose of crisp packets etc.

(Below) Things really go with a splash where the cycle lane meets the entrance to - where else - the Town Hall.

(Below) Does a cycle lane marked out by a continuous white line across a junction give the cyclist priority? Best not to argue the point with a 4X4 turning into the Town Hall entrance... And stand back - you don't want to get splashed, do you?

The bus stop outside Waltham Forest College provides easy access for those cyclists wishing to transfer to public transport.

The final challenge: after you've taken that sharp left turn outside the Magistrates Court - where next?