Friday 27 June 2008

Pavements are for... motor vehicles

Waltham Forest - the 'Green' council that hands over most of the pavement to motor vehicles in defiance of national minimum standards for meeting the needs of pedestrians with a mobility handicap.

Putting vehicles on pavements clears the road for speeding. Then the Council paints SLOW next to the pavement-parked vehicles (you can just see the 'S'). If vehicles were parked fully in the carriageway and not on the pavement drivers would be forced to slow down. This is also right by a school, in a road with five schools on it or near to it.

Those dark marks in the foreground are oil stains. In short, compehensive degradation of the walking environment and making the roads more dangerous for cycling by encouraging speeders. Another local triumph for the London Borough of Waltham Forest. (Shernhall Street E17, between the junctions with Church Lane and Church Hill Road.)