Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Mark Lawson: confessions of a speed addict

The nine points entered on my licence have resulted from not leaving quite enough time to get to a family event and two football matches.

Six of those points have now lapsed under the three-year rule, and the final trio are due to be wiped in 2010; I've been clean of speed for two years.

And yet, on an empty motorway on a sunlit morning, the foot still inexorably forces the accelerator to the floor. We suffer from a speed bug, and no clinic can entirely cure it.

Ah, yes, that smug resort to “we”. We all drive cars, we all have parking tickets, we have all been caught by speed cameras, we all know there is a monstrous war against the motorist going on.

It’s absurd, of course, that a complacent oaf like Lawson is allowed to have his slate wiped clean of points while clocking up fresh ones – another reminder that ‘road safety’ is a blood-drenched farce which evades the central issue of criminally negligent driving and its indulgence by the state.