Thursday, 1 October 2009

Driver of car designed for reckless speeding crashes it

This is the crumpled wreckage of footballer Nicklas Bendtner's £120,000 Aston Martin after a horror crash which left him 'badly shaken', according to his father. The Arsenal star had a 'very lucky escape' and walked away with just bumps and bruises after he crashed the luxury car into a tree.

The 21-year-old Danish international striker suffered grazes to one of his knees and pain in his shoulder following the accident on Sunday morning. The crash happened while Bendtner was on his was to training and the car was written off.

Bendtner was driving along the A1 towards South Mimms when his car left the road and collided with the hard shoulder fence and a tree.

It is understood that no other vehicle was involved in the incident.

The crash happened only six miles from where Tottenham Hotspur star David Bentley crashed his £90,000 Porsche 911, in Northaw, Herts, last month.

Why are there no police raids on Aston Martin and Porsche for criminal conspiracy? These firms are designing vehicles deliberately designed to break the law. And does anyone seriously believe that drivers of such cars scrupulously adhere to the speed limit?

There’s nothing about Bendtner having been charged with a motoring offence. Why not?

It’s another example of why every vehicle should be fitted with a black box to record matters like speed. At present the interests of the motor lobby take precedence over the safety of road users.