Thursday, 1 October 2009

Real cycling versus fantasy cycling

This is the reality of cycling in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. The junction of the A112 and the A104, yesterday morning.

The heavy goods vehicle is half in the Advanced Stop Line, and the yellow tow truck is completely in it. Amazingly, I recognise the yellow truck, reg. NC55 XKG. I spotted it being driven by a white male who was steering with one hand while talking into a handheld mobile phone with the other, on this same road, the A112 (but on that occasion going in the oposite direction), on the afternoon of Saturday 12 September. On this occasion I can't see if it's the same driver but I'm willing to bet it is, and that he spends his days driving around chatting on a mobile, and driving into Advanced Stop Lines. Yet another serial offender who benefits from the contempt which London's police have for enforcing traffic law.

Contrast the reality of this scene with what appears on the Transport for London website under Cycling Safety.

• Wait in front of other vehicles when you're at traffic lights. The green painted box with a white cycle symbol shows you where to wait and help you move ahead of other vehicles

• Make sure you are well in front of large vehicles such as HGVs and are not waiting on the left - make eye contact so they know you are there.

Ha bloody ha.

TfL even supplies a lovely fantasy photograph (below).