Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Lea Bridge Road in the Top Ten

This is the most lucrative road in London for parking fines and traffic penalties — raking in up to £2.5 million a year.

Wardens and cameras in Southampton Row in Bloomsbury, which is only 500 yards long,
have snared almost 23,000 drivers in the past 12 months — giving out fines of up to £120 a time.

Note the journalist’s language. Poor victimised drivers are “snared” like cute furry animals caught in vicious traps. Councils are “raking in” money from fixed penalties. The selfish and inconsiderate driver is once again conflated with all drivers and represented as a helpless victim.

Top 10 hotspots for fines

1. Station Road, Harrow (Harrow) Fines: 28,884
2. Southampton Row (Camden) Fines: 22,275
3. Chiswick High Road
(Hounslow) Fines: 18,668
4. Queensway (Westminster) Fines: 12,464
5. Ripple Road, Barking (Barking & Dagenham) Fines: 12,266
6. Herbert Road, Southall (Ealing) Fines: 9,645
7. Fore Street
(Enfield) Fines: 8,789
8. Lea Bridge Road (Waltham Forest)
Fines: 7,719
9. Uxbridge High Street (Hillingdon) Fines: 6,425
10. Golders Green Road (Barnet) Fines: 5,868