Sunday, 10 January 2010

Poor maintenance and hazardous road conditions

There used to be two bollards at the end of Byron Road E17, deterring drivers from parking on the chicane.

The first bollard was felled when a van driver lost control in last February’s snow, as pictured here.

Now the second bollard (shown in the last photo on the link) has been knocked down in identical circumstances. It also looks like the tree has taken a bash.

In these instances it’s not the driver’s fault. Byron Road is a steep road, and the Council’s attempts at gritting it are either non-existent or inadequate.

The Council also never bothers to grit the pavements on steep streets like this one, but then pedestrians and walking have never been important to Waltham Forest Council. It allows pavement parking on Byron Road, in snow the markings get covered and you can park obstructively without fear of a ticket, like that first car on the right in the photo.

In the words of a currently topical song, Every way you look at it you lose.