Monday, 11 January 2010

Spot the difference!

The cycle lane through the road closure on Cairo Road E17, junction with Hoe Street. The first photograph shows it on 6 January, the second on 9 January.

On 6 January the only tyre tracks are those of a buggy or pram. On 9 January, by which time this untreated cycle lane has turned to a sheet of hard compacted ice, the only tyre tracks are those of the vehicle which has driven through, sending the plastic bollard flying.

The flying plastic bollard farce is a regular feature of this cycle lane, which is regularly used by drivers of Smart cars and 4X4s. If the Council bothered to read this blog they would take my advice and put in one more iron bollard to prevent abuse of the cycle lane by drivers. It would be more cost effective to do this than constantly send workers to repair the damage and reinstate the illuminated plastic sign. But both council officers and councillors prefer to pretend this blog does not exist, and avert their delicate eyes from its content. Even though it offers helpful money-saving tips!

(Below) Spot the vehicle tyre tracks.