Tuesday, 9 March 2010

BBC London News is at it again

Yet again BBC London News, a blatantly car supremacist outfit plainly dominated by journalists who have racked up numerous parking tickets, has as its lead story an essentially trivial piece about parking enforcement.

CCTV cameras used to fine drivers in central London have been switched back on, after being off for nearly a year.

But the cameras came under criticism from a drivers' group which said: "They really are there to catch motorists."

'Hidden' cameras

Paul Pearson from motorists' campaign group penaltychargenotice.co.uk said: "These cameras are hidden on lampposts, and the signs on the lampposts you can't read from the car.

Let me say it again. Pearson is not a "campaign group" but an individual running a business, who gets lavish free publicity from the sleazy and unaccountable BBC. Maybe he supplies his services for free to BBC journalists, since they give him a plug about once a month.

And once again the BBC conflates lawless drivers with drivers in general.

And while the BBC continues to construct lawless drivers as mercilessly persecuted by parking enforcement and speed cameras, it continues to marginalise road violence in London, not least the regular killing of cyclists by lorries, which it continues to ignore. Even something as apparently newsworthy as the violent killing of a university professor is blanked out by BBC London News when the victim is a cyclist.