Thursday, 4 March 2010

Olympics fever grips Waltham Forest

Inspiring our community. And in this car-sick environment with a truly crap cycle lane, who could not but be inspired by this advertising panel, cleverly sited in the middle of a pavement on Wood Street E17, by a council which is passionate about its commitment to walking?

Having failed to rent the space to a drinks manufacturer or a burger outlet, the Council is reduced to putting up one of its own adverts, promoting the Olympics. You can show your support for the Olympics by displaying an IT'S HAPPENING HERE sticker in your window, it reads.

I can't say I've noticed a single household which has taken up this fabulous offer.

But, hey, look! Local people are really getting into the spirit of the Olympics! So why not grab a couple of the many mattresses to be found on local streets and then you, too, can jump for joy and share in the excitement that the Olympics is bringing to the very special environment of East London!

Above photo copyright Federico Figa Talamanca.