Thursday, 4 March 2010

Cycle Supercrap


In London, new drawings have been released of the much hyped Super-Cycleway project. If a high-school student had produced such a joke for a school project, he would have been given an “F”. Any teacher would have responded, “Your big idea is changing the colour of the tarmac from green to blue? How is that going to make a new rider feel safer?”

As David Hembrow dryly notes, these artists’ impressions contain "interesting" features. And Rob Ainsley is equally unimpressed, calling it The great Cycle Superhighways Swindle. A bluewash.

If there’s to be an official opening of the first cycle superhighway, I guess what we really need is for a couple of hundred cyclists to turn up and protest, hold banners, blow whistles, and bring everything to a halt. And demand serious infrastructure, not pitifully narrow wiggly-waggly cycle lanes which are subordinated to the dominance of the motor vehicle.

It's either that or just go on singing the official anthem of the London Cycling Campaign