Friday 3 December 2010

Cycle campaigning: down memory lane

The fruits of 30 years of campaigning: a cycle lane on the London Cycle Network. The northbound A112 in Chingford.

What some people said seven and a half years ago at Cycling: A Capital Solution - The spring conference of the Cycle Campaign Network, the Cyclists' Touring Club and the London Cycling Campaign - hosted by LCC and Transport for London (TfL). Saturday 10 May 2003.

Christian Woolmar, National Cycling Strategy Board

Many cyclists are wrong to argue for totally segregated facilities. They won’t happen

Crispin Truman, Chair of London Cycling Campaign

The LCC now has an effective 5 year strategy

Philip Darnton, Managing Director, Raleigh

At current rates it’ll take 43 years to reach current targets.

Roger Geffen, Campaign Manager, CTC
"Raising the profile of cycling: the challenge for cycling"

CTC is raising the game. Cycling nationally is still in decline. We missed doubling it by 2002. We need to see what people need and campaign and recruit. We need to get more people in. We need to clarify priorities and improve communications all round.

Ollie Hatch, National Cycling Strategy Board
"Lessons from the Continent"

It’s not all bad in London compared to over there…..

it’s a good time for cycling.

Many many UK towns are now planning for cycling for really the first time.

James Ryle, Sustrans
"Marketing Cycling to the individual - TravelSmart"

I’m going to talk about softer ways of increasing cycling.

TravelSmart is about phoning people in their homes about their transport use, and bikes in particular.

If people aren’t interested, we leave them. We can’t waste time arguing.

If they are interested, we motivate them through tailoring them individual travel plans.

If they are already regular cyclists, we reward them.

In Gloucester, TravelSmart reduced car trips by 9%, and produced a 100% increase in cycling. We saved 37 car trips per person year. 3/4s of those went to bike/walking. In Frome we reduced car trips by 6%.

We’ve learnt some lessons:

• don’t mention the bike until well into the interview

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