Thursday 23 December 2010

Last minute Christmas gifts for cyclists


No more SMIDSY misery with these plates! Beautifully hand-crafted by fully-trained cyclists, this pair of plates has been inspired by an old London Transport road safety poster. They are the same size as car registration plates. Simply attach them to the front and back of your bicycle and help win respect for yourself and other cyclists.

You’ll soon notice the difference as drivers toot their horns and shout greetings. Some lucky cyclists have even reported bottles of water and cans of beer are thrown their way by grateful motorists!

Free ‘3 Feet Please’ badge with every pair purchased.


For as long as anyone can remember cyclists have been disgracing themselves through their reckless disregard for other road users. Perhaps you have a family member who is one of this troubled, anti-social minority. This 1930s London Transport road safety poster is the perfect way of gently reminding all cyclists that they have a special duty not to collide with motor vehicles.


The risk of being knocked down by a powered two-wheeler wearing a giant panda mask may seem very small but it is best not to take chances. By purchasing one of these giant panda masks and wearing one the responsible cyclist will be able to appreciate the blind spots in the powered two-wheeler’s vision and adapt their style of cycling accordingly.

Can also be used instead of a cycle helmet.


Simply open this Charitable Status Box and then sit back and enjoy the fireworks. Incredibly, some of them last for as long as one year!

Completely harmless. Suitable for cyclists of all ages.


This has not been an easy year for the CTC as increasing numbers of ‘cycling bloggers’ have fallen by the wayside and lost their faith in the much-respected Hierarchy of Provision. Please find a special place in your prayers for Jim, who of all people should know better.

Its is very, very sad that so many people seem to think that the Dutch have a better approach to cycling than we do here in Britain. This is why everyone should buy a copy of this special CTC-sponsored Christmas single. Who knows, perhaps if everyone bought a copy we could make it as much of ‘a hit’ as cycling in Britain is!

1600 cycling iphone apps free with every order made through the CTC national office.