Tuesday 3 May 2011

SMIDSY killer bus driver gets one year ban

A bus driver who caused the death of a cyclist has been ordered to carry out 180 hours of community service and been banned from driving for a year.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard Jill Corps, 42, crashed into cyclist Thomas McKay, 46, while she was at work.

Corps, who was a Lothian Buses driver, was taking a mini-bus to a pre-arranged drop off point when she smashed into Mr McKay, who was on his way home.

The court heard Corps turned right into the path of Mr McKay, who was unable to avoid the collision. He was thrown from his bike and onto the windscreen and roof of the minibus.

Corps, from Southhampton, admitted causing the death of Mr McKay and driving carelessly on February 11, 2009, at Sir Harry Lauder Road, Edinburgh.

Sheriff Isabella McColl said: "Cases of this nature are unusual and very difficult. It is a tragedy whichever way you look at it - a man has lost his life. Culpability in this case was at the lower end of the scale, Corps had a momentary lapse of judgment."

Oh yeah? Sheriff McColl plainly doesn’t cycle. If she did she’d know that fuckwit drivers cutting across in front are an everyday reality for cyclists, and not remotely ‘unusual’. Once again an act of wilful, dangerous recklessness is characterised by the judiciary as a random low-culpability accident. This driver should have been banned for life and it’s a scandal that she’ll be back on the road in twelve months.

When did you ever hear of the ‘right to ride’ batallions ever organising a demo against these perverse sentences?

Nah, thought not.