Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Failure to maintain Advanced Stop Lines

Contractors who are paid to dig up the roads are supposed to reinstate carriageway markings. But many of these dodgy firms (who employ bloated males with copies of the Sun or the Star tucked against their white van/lorry windscreens) don't bother. They get away with it, I suppose, because they are under no statutory obligation to inform local authorities of their activities. Either that or local authorities never bother to go and check afterwards.

Whoever dug up the highway on Selborne Road E17 didn't bother to reinstate the ASL marking by the bus station. And no one from this crap Council has noticed because no one walks or cycles anywhere, or notices anything. It's been like this for months.

Meanwhile in the crap London Borough of Islington, which has just as much contempt for cycling and walking as all the other London boroughs, here is the state of the cyclists' Advanced Stop Line at the junction of the A5200 and the A5203.