Sunday, 9 August 2009

More about that hit and run lorry fatality

A follow-up to this.

Leeds PhD graduate Kate Furneaux, 27, had been riding in a cycle lane when she was dragged under the wheels of the lorry, Leeds coroner's court heard yesterday. The vehicle is thought to have cut across her path on Stanningley Road at Bramley on July 28 around 10.30am.

Coroner David Hinchliff said she had suffered "major traumatic injuries" to her chest, stomach and pelvis. She was taken to Leeds General Infirmary but was pronounced dead from her injuries at 12.05pm.

The tragedy came just two weeks after Kate, originally from Cumbria, graduated from Leeds University with a Doctor of Philosophy degree. She was about to start a promising career at a top science research institute in Germany in September.