Friday, 7 August 2009

regeneration on Green Ferry Way

As any reader of the Council's fortnightly newspaper knows, the residents of Waltham Forest are fortunate to live on one of the most blessed spots on planet earth. It is almost inconceivable that things could better than they already are, and yet they can. The Council's new road, Green Ferry Way, is an important new regeneration project. And ever since I first started watching vampire films, I have always been fascinated by regeneration. So I naturally pedalled off to see this glorious new achievement. I was not disappointed!

As you would expect from an environmentally aware council, Green Ferry Lane provides access to... a huge car park. Excitingly, there is lots of spare capacity.

(below) Green Ferry Lane terminates here. Who can doubt that this is the start of a brave new world?

(Below) Regeneration involves a sensitive approach to those who arrive at the industrial estate on foot. That dropped kerb is magnificent.