Wednesday, 5 August 2009

What can you see here?

1969. Forget those four characters on the zebra crossing (whoever they may be). What I see here is the historic start of the theft of London's pavements by drivers. Spot the pavement parking. Even by the standards of car supremacism, it's not rational. And pavement parking here is simply promoting speeding.

A tourist writes while attempting to cross Abbey Road on the famous crosswalk, I almost died several times over; those cars come whizzing by at fucking crazy speeds! I wonder if they aim for dumb American tourists like me...

No, it was nothing personal.

Hopefully the traffic will shortly be brought to a halt:

Beatles fans are preparing to celebrate the album, with thousands expected to make a pilgrimage to the zebra crossing that John, Paul, George and Ringo bestrode outside the Abbey Road recording studios on 8 August 1969.

If you enjoy watching the interaction of pedestrians and vehicles, there's a live webcam of the zebra crossing here

And since 1969, there are now yellow lines. Which as you can see have been tremendously effective in deterring pavement parking.