Tuesday, 11 August 2009

What? Not Joe Watt!

CYCLING champion Joe Watt has quit the post, saying York was becoming “anti-car” and revealing he had felt uneasy in the role.

This shattering news had passed me by until David Hembrow commented on it.

The name Joe Watt seemed familiar. And when I checked, sure enough Councillor Watt featured on this blog over a year ago, when I drew attention to his very first act as York's so-called ‘Cycling champion’, which was to denounce cyclists!

David Hembrow comments

The rate of cycling in York remains lower than that anywhere in the Netherlands. You can see why. Cycle facilities need to be much more subjectively safe and give cyclists an advantage in directness if they are to attract the majority of the population to cycling.

Me, I’ve always thought York’s credentials as a paradise for cyclists and pedestrians were grossly over-rated. If I lived in the city I would have absolutely no problems running a daily blog imaginatively entitled ‘Crap Cycling & Walking in York’.

I was in the city recently when I spotted this. The perfect symbol of York council’s commitment to combating climate change. On a double-yellow line. With the greater part of this limo parked on the pavement. Does this mean that Councillor Watt is now Mayor, and has found a means of personal mobility much more to his liking?