Monday, 10 August 2009

Woman cyclist crushed by cement lorry in central London today

The second accident involved a cyclist "stuck" beneath a cement-mixing lorry.

The woman was crushed by the truck belonging to the firm "Jim'll Mix It" at the junction of Upper Thames St and Southwark Bridge. She was also taken to the Royal London Hospital suffering from pelvis injuries.

There are pics of the Jim’ll Mix It fleet here

The London Fixed-Gear and Single-Speed discussion board includes these comments:

saw the mangled remains of a bike under the axels of a concrete mixing HGV. Fucking brutal. HGV must've been turning left onto the bridge and not seen the cyclist. Didn't see too much blood, hope the rider's OK.

the bike is in between the front and second set of wheels of the cement mixer and the bike is badly mangled.

I cycled past the accident spot this morning going to work. The cyclist was actually stuck underneath the truck.

it is exactly where a courier (Sebastien L------? according to the street memorial) was killed, and also less than 20m from where a commuter was killed about 9 months ago.

this isn't only where Sebastian Lukomski died, but another cyclist was killed very close to there last year.

I saw large tyre marks on Seb's street memorial the other day which means that corner must be too tight for HGV's.

they should consider banning hgvs from turning onto southwark bridge from upper/lower thames

unlikely to happen as it would cost too much money and would impinge on the very important construction industry and have a knock on effect on the money making potential of the's all about priorities and the lives of pedestrians and cyclists don't figure very highly when it comes to road planning.

The corner isn't too tight. The driver's are just turning too tight.

i have had to step back often while standing waiting to cross at the pedestrian crossing as lorries/buses misjudge the corner and come up onto the pavement.

More here.