Saturday, 12 September 2009

Cyclist on pavement kills child of four

Cyclist on pavement kills child of four

That would be a major news story, wouldn’t it?

But it wasn’t a wicked cyclist, so it’s not important news.

A girl of four was hit and killed by a van today as she walked along a pavement hand-in-hand with her mother.

Caitlin Strutt was on her way to the doctors with her mother Stacey, 22, when they were hit by a Ford Transit which had mounted a kerb after colliding with a Ford Focus car at crossroads.

And who remembers this?

SHOCKED and grief-stricken friends of a 12-year-old Morley girl who was killed as she walked to school on Monday have been leaving emotional tributes to her.

Hannah Louise Hudson, a year 7 pupil at Morley High School, died after being hit by a car just yards from her home in Britannia Road. Hannah had just left on her daily walk to school at 8.10am when she was struck by a green Vauxhall Vectra after it mounted the pavement.

The car then crashed into a wall and a lamppost.

A number of accidents, including several fatalities, have happened on Britannia Road during the past 10 years and residents in the area are now demanding action be taken.