Sunday, 11 October 2009

Stella Creasy and the environment (2)

Through the letterbox, a leaflet from Stella Creasy, Labour parliamentary candidate for Walthamstow. Apparently among Labour's achievements locally are:

Sadly, I didn't even notice Mr Miliband's historic visit, unless he hasn't made it yet. If I bump into him in the street I will ask him what he thinks of a crap Labour council which allows the obstruction of cycle stands to occur on a daily basis. I won't need to say where these stands are (below) because a keen cyclist like Stella, who obviously knows her constituency much better than I do, won't need me to tell her! But they are in a very central location. And this is how they've been for over a year.

Says Stella:

I believe that Government alone cannot tackle this issue. All of us will have to work together to change the way in which we live if we want a safer, more sustainable and more socially just society for every human being. That's why as well as seeking to support local environmental action organisations, I'm also working with other local residents to develop a range of activities on the "road to Copenhagen" to encourage everyone here to support action on climate change. This group is now planning activities for the months ahead including a visit by Ed Miliband MP, the Secretary of State for Climate Change to Walthamstow.

Stella's rhetoric is as soft and opaque as candy floss. What local environmental action organisations? What action on climate change? Does it include sticking a cycle stand outside a building she knows well?

'The road to Copenhagen'. Yes, it would be a road, wouldn't it? Me, I'm on the cycle lane to Copenhagen. And it's full of broken glass and blocked by an idiot in a 4X4. And all I can see at the end is species extinction. Helped, in a small way, by a Labour council which puts the 4X4 before the cyclist and specialises in Greenwash

Googling for Stella and Ed threw up a pic Stella would probably now prefer to forget, of her and a buddy famous for architectural vandalism and who appears in this very amusing list