Sunday 16 September 2012

The View from the Cycle Path

Progressive Waltham Forest is already in tune with the London Cycling Campaign’s twin-track approach to ‘Going Dutch’, where far-sighted designs allow for democratic choices to be made between ‘the right to ride’ among motor vehicles or, alternatively, to cycle on a parallel off-road cycle path.

But in some ways Waltham Forest is ahead of everyone, because special lighting is supplied within the cycle path itself, helping cyclists at night to avoid colliding with unexpected obstructions.

In the event of a collision with a sack of rubbish deposited by council contractor Kier, a cyclist is protected by a helpful ‘safety screen’ which also supplies useful information about local culture. Nothing gets better than this and it’s something of a mystery why no cyclists were visible anywhere on this superb cycling route which, aptly, is right outside the Town Hall.