Saturday 4 October 2008


Forget climate catastrophe, flooding and tornadoes - the good news is that the Paris Motor Show is about to open, and here's a mouthwatering glimpse of the new Mercedes Fascination, perfect for breaking the speed limit two times over, and offering massive protection for the driver. If you want to recklessly overtake on a blind bend, this superb machine guarantees it's the people in the other car who'll die, not you. Turn to your daily paper's motoring section now for more details.

In the London Borough of Waltham Forest the council has generously marked out spaces on the pavement for residents who want to own larger vehicles and have no off-street parking (below, The Drive E17). As the old folk saying goes, "Pavements are for car parking".

And in Carnanton Road E17 (below) the footway parking exemption markings have completely faded, which means you can park however you like and the parking attendants can't give you a ticket. And enjoy that tree while you can - it won't be long before someone manages to reverse into it.