Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The agony of Carol Vorderman


Television presenter and maths boffin Carol Vorderman is backing the campaign against residents' parking zones in the city. The former Countdown presenter told the Bristol Post that she believes the proposed restrictions could destroy the city's sense of freedom. Having lived in places with residents' parking zones (RPZs), she believes it will double the stress levels of Bristolians.

Ms Vorderman, who lives in Clapton-in-Gordano but spends a lot of time in the city, said: "I am very, very anti the parking restrictions they want to impose. When you live in London, or anywhere else, you can't get close to a shop. In London the issue of a car adds two hours to everyone's day, and there is the stress you face when you go and meet someone for lunch."

(Via Bristol Traffic)

And I must admit until I read that I’d never heard of Clapton in Gordano. I only know a very different place – Clapton in Hackney.