Thursday, 2 July 2009

Crap cycle parking at main London stations

Latest figures from Network Rail show there are 1,431 spaces for bikes at its 11 central London stations. Well over half of the spaces are located at three of these - King's Cross, Paddington and Euston.

Three others, Cannon Street, Charing Cross and Fenchurch Street - used by more than 200,000 passengers a day - cannot muster a single bike rack.

Of London's 50 busiest stations, 16 have no cycling facilities.

Britain's busiest station, Waterloo - the end or start point for more than a quarter of a million daily journeys - has just 210 spaces.

Hazel Stevenson, a 25-year-old PR worker, who cycles to Charing Cross station, said: "It is frustrating not being able to find bike racks in London. They're never in sensible places and there are never enough. I have been to Amsterdam a few times and there it is totally different. I suppose that's something to do with our view of cycling, it is always an afterthought."