Saturday 29 May 2010

Bill Chidley on Michael Bryant’s killing of Darcy Allan Sheppard

A very thoughtful piece by Bill Chidley on this notorious incident in Canada in which an angry driver killed a cyclist. The driver subsequently turned out to be the former attorney general of Ontario, which is where the killing took place. The Ontario prosecutor had now decided – crikey, what a surprise – that there is no case to answer.

Bill Chidley runs the Moving Target bike messenger blog, which has always featured in my links. I skip Bill when he’s on about the tribal rites of bike messengers but I always snap to attention when he writes about lorry drivers and cycling fatalities. And as far as I know, Moving Target is the only other blog apart from this one which has ever been rude about the London Cycling Campaign. I often wondered why he was nicknamed ‘Buffalo’ Bill but now that the Guardian has published his photograph I understand…

As a cyclist, I am deeply disturbed that Bryant has been involved in what looks to me like a motorised assault, and is facing no charges whatsoever as a result.